Gathering Tables

The versatile Gathering Table is designed to be:

  • A food/beverage serving station
  • A place for guests to rest their beverage glasses and nibble on appetizers
  • A place to display art or floral decorations

Gathering Tables are sold singly or in pairs. Two Gathering Tables can be secured together into one station 48 inches long.

The Gathering Tables can be ordered in mahogany, maple or other hard woods available in the Pacific Northwest.

The pedestal design is available in cast stone or hand carved wood.

  • Cast designs can be left white or painted to a customer-provided color sample.
  • Maple is especially good for hand carved designs. Some woods have grains that can not be carved.

Mahogany Tables with Pedestal Design Cast in Hydro Stone

Single Gathering Table
Single Gathering Table


Cast Panel

Double Gathering Table
Paired Gathering Tables

Maple Tables with Hand Carved Pedestals

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